Heartland 66 Wuhan


The opening of Heartland 66 sets a new benchmark in the retail industry of Wuhan. Offering a range of retails, lifestyle shops, and activities, the Heartland mall is the pulse of Wuhan's CBD. The mission for Debut is to introduce art that engages the public in a timeless but sophisticated way.

Debut Studio has curated outdoor art installations that use movement to bring guests together. Mirror Mirror, a colorful multi-media installation by a New York collective, Softlab, brings joy and symbolizes hope at the East entrance. The blue FLOATING LINES by French artist Vincent Leroy encourages guests to look afar and slowly be submerged by their surroundings. The VORTEX in the sphere at the rooftop garden by UK artist Petroc Sestic, mesmerizes guests with its peaceful motion. The interior art corridor for each floor level continues on a colorful theme that promotes energy and features millennial artists who use Instagram as inspiration.

Debut hopes that the art in Wuhan, being the center of China, can continue to inspire and be a forefront of joy for the community.