We are a creative arts consultancy studio. We enjoy working with clients in advising arts that would elevate each space based on its context. May it be for interior or exterior, we hope art can bring new meaning for each development, contributing to a timeless collection.
Our full services start off with conceptual development and identifying the story for the overall artwork program. 
After setting an art direction, each artwork will be addressed in details for the space required and specification will be issued.
As part of this full service package, we will also procure artwork on client’s behalf and install to complete.
Focal artwork can be key feature elements for a project.  We provide conceptual and iconic features that tell a story through creative interpretation where art can be the main communicator.
public art
For public art projects, our curatorial angle aims to curate art that draws on the relationship of city and its neighbourhood, bringing meaningful connection to the people and public space.
building culture
Part of our mission is to promote culture in our work.  We advise and collaborate with different organizations to bring arts and culture programs into the community.